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You retain control over your details. Only ever register if the vehicle is stolen and then only on the police national computer.
2.Informing your insurer.
Fill in the markings log supplied with the kit and send a copy to your insurer.
3.Changing address.
Just keep your copy of the registration log safe with you.
4.Selling an item.
Inform the buyer of any ID marks on the items and pass them the ID log.
5.Report theft.
Inform the police and complete a crime report.
Include details of the markings i.e. a description of the marked items and where the markings can be found
6.Recovered stolen goods.
When the police recover  Auto-Link items they can check with UV light or their phone for NFC ID marks. They can check against their national computer database.
Inform your insurer and what happens next depends upon whether the insurer has already paid out for the item.
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RBS AUTO-LINK  April 2017
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