If your car is stolen you will naturally look to the police and your insurers. But wait a moment both these parties have additional priorities.

Your insurer needs to make a profit for their shareholders and that will almost certainly include pension funds so unnecessary payouts could damage your pension’s performance.

Similarly premiums need to be kept down to attract other policy holders which will in turn boost profits and help pension investments.

The police also have multiple objectives especially being judged on crime statistics. These have been kept for over 200 years, since 1805, and always used by politicians and all within the police from the Chief Constable down to the sergeant to measure performance.

Remember the police want to keep down crime reports and keep up clear up rates.

An article on the Met Police in the ‘Evening Standard’ by reporter Justin Davenport highlighted the way police ‘screen out’ crimes including over 75% of vehicle thefts because after initial investigation these crimes are considered ‘unsolvable’.

“Now then sir your don’t know where the thieves may have taken your car because you don’t have a tracker fitted ?” or “ You can’t give an ID on the parts which could stand up in court so we probably can’t obtain a search warrant”

Just the sort of conversation that is likely to have ‘unsolvable’ marked against your incident report number. What will your insurer think when they ask the police for progress on the  report? Have you, in those words so beloved of the legal fraternity, “taken reasonable care” 

All this could mitigate against a payout.


 RBS_Tracker This is  self-monitoring tracker about the size of a box of matches.

It can be easily fitted and connected to your vehicle’s electrical system. Being fully insulated the polarity is not a concern. It has an internal battery which is kept fully charged and will take over running the tracker for up to 7 days and send an alert when it drops. The voltage converter for powering the tracker from your vehicle will run on 6 volt to 36 volt so is suitable for old British motorbikes and cars as well as motorhomes, caravans and commercial vehicles.

MessageRecdControl is done using your mobile phone and even a rudimentary phone will do because there are no apps to be loaded. It’s all done with simple text messages. The reply from the tracker gives the grid location so you can give this to the police for them to intercept.

If you do have a smart phone with internet access then click on the web address at the foot of the message to see the location on Google maps.

You can set alerts to detect someone messing about with   the car or moving it.

 Anti-TamperIDTag Anti-Tamper ID tags which provide a clear warning to thieves.
 UVidmarkCompact Invisible UV marking for components, tools and spares

What else do I need ?
A SIM card to go in the tracker. This can be a PAYG card or if you have a contract mobile ask your provider for a second SIM card (different number) then you can use part of your free text message allowance to run the tracker. ()Text message tariffs may apply)

Buy £99 


Please allow 14 working days for delivery.  Distance Selling Regulations apply.

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